Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Tomorrow is TinyDancer's first day of preschool. 8 (

When we brought EasternStar home, we gave her the choice to stay home everyday or to go to preschool a few days a week for a few hours. Since she was been waiting for a sister "like forever" as she says, I knew that she was going to chose to stay home. But, I guess the novelty has worn off some 8 ) because she has been lamenting that she misses her friends from her old school and that she can't wait for kindergarten to start in the fall so that she can play with her friends again.

I asked her last week if she wanted me to find her a preschool that she could go to a few days a week and she jumped at the chance. (Much to Stranger's chagrin) Luckily, my first choice preschool had an opening so every Wed, Thurs, and Friday morning she'll be in school again in the morning. She is very excited to be starting tomorrow. She wants the entire famiy to drop her off tomorrow morning and she suggested that she and EasternStar take baths tonight because "I want to have a good smell and for my hair to look nice" and requested that we also wash EasternStar's hair since she will be going with her. And then she asked to make sure that Stranger and I were going to shower and was our hair in the morning. And she decided to wear one of her new outfits that I bought her for the spring so that she looks pretty since she will be the new girl.

I guess that I'd better get off of the computer since I have to make sure I get up in time to shower. And wash my hair. LOL

The good thing is that I should be able to schedule EasternStar's therapy appointments while she is at school so I won't have to bring her to them anymore and try to juggle paying attention to therapy and keeping TinyDancer occupied. I guess in the end it is win-win. 8 )


library lady said...

Hope Tiny Dancer has a great first day back. I hope Eastern Star enjoys the one on one time.
Lets us know how it goes.
xxx ooo to all

Library Lady and Trolley Man

Nicole said...

Glad to hear therapy is started and that preschool is back on the agenda! And of course I am just as proud to hear my goddaughter play that violin as you, I think!

Hugs to all.

Heather said...

LOL!!! Okay, so should now be the time to tell you that I was wondering when she was going to start asking to go?

She's a lot like C in that way for sure....she'll love it. Hope it went well today.