Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rainbow Birthday

What type of first birthday party could a RainbowBaby have other than a Rainbow Party of course?  We had a simple party for RainbowBaby - just cake and presents in the backyard - but what a cake it was!  I found several cool examples of rainbow cakes online and had to try my hand at making one. 

Birthday cake - outside

RainbowBaby blowing out her candle.

Birthday cake - inside
How fun is that?

RainbowBaby even got her own rainbow cake all to herself!

What do I do with this?

Eat it???

In addition to cake, we had umbrella and raindrop cookies and cupcakes with suns on them. 

Umbrella and raindrop sugar cookies.  Yum!

Sunshine cupcakes

The cupcakes didn't turn out exactly as I'd pictured them in my head.  I used those sugar covered orange slices that you find in the candy aisle.  I flattened them with a rolling pin and then cut them into strips.  Some of them got stretched out making them look kind of like octopuses (or octopi? or an octopus?)

We also had party hats and decorations.  I loved the idea of making these tissue paper flowers, but then discovered that we didn't have anywhere to put them.  Oh well - they looked fun on the fence!

Birthday girl in a party hat!

We had so much fun that the birthday girl fell asleep in her swing! 

Oh when the mighty fall!

I can't believe that it's been a year!  Well, over a year now......RainbowBaby is 15 months old!

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library lady said...

Thanks for sharing her first birthday pictures.