Monday, May 31, 2010


Guess who turned 2 yesterday?

Birthday Girl!

Yesterday was EasternStar's first birthday at home and I think she had a great day. She really enjoyed opening her presents and of course eating birthday cake and ice cream!

As I was cuddling with her and rocking her to sleep last night I was thinking about how different her day was last year. Last year I don't know if there was even any special acknowledgement of her first birthday. This year, she was surrounded by family and friends that love her. Never again will she be alone on her special day.

The five of us right before singing happy birthday. Even RainbowBaby participated in the festivities!

Birthday hat baby!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Rock!

I'm basking in my own awesome-ness right now. At 9:30, all of the kids were in their beds and sleeping.

It was not such a pretty picture at 7:30, or 8:00, or even 8:30. But eventually I wore them down. 8 )

Now I'm off to bed so I can keep up with my munchkins tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Latest pictures

The blog has been quiet over the past week as we enjoyed the last few days of Stranger's vacation and the girls and I attempted to settle into some sort of routine after Stranger went back to work. We're getting there.

I've handled bedtime solo for the past few nights. If you know me, then you know that bedtime is my LEAST favorite time of the day. I seriously would pay someone to come and put my kids to bed if I could! So far there hasn't been too much crying (by me). Stranger will be gone at bedtime 29 times in the next 40 days (Not that I'm counting or anything) so I figure that I'll be an old pro at this soon. 8 )

I have a bunch of pictures to upload to the blog but either blogger is being finicky or my computer is being finicky. Either way, the four below are the only ones that I could get uploaded tonight:

TinyDancer is really into dress up and playing in her kitchen right now. Today she made Daddy some pony soup:

Check out the 1970's basketball shorts that I found for EasternStar today. I was at Wal-Mart and found these cool shorts. They had them in a bunch of colors and sadly I had to stop myself at one:

She is doing great! We've been meeting with a nutritionist the help get her eating new foods. Her speech is coming along - she has decided that she wants to work on animal names and sounds so she's been learning farm animals. She knows "cow", "moo", "dog", and "woof woof" and is working on "quack". She's almost there! Her signing is coming along as well. PT is also coming along. We just switched is a female therapist as she was not letting her old therapist (a man) touch her without screaming. That doesn't make for very productive therapy! 8 )

RainbowBaby is doing great too! She had her 4 week checkup on Monday and she is up to 7 pounds 10 oz. Yay! I can't remember what her other measurements were or where she is percentile wise - as I was a bit distracted. As soon as we started walking to the room EasternStar started crying (she has gotten shots everytime she has been so I'm sure we thought that we were there for her) and didn't stop until we left and TinyDancer was hitting me with the balloon that I had blown up to keep her and EasternStar occupied.

Her neck is getting really strong and she is starting to enjoy playing more. We mostly play with her after her sisters have gone to bed. Everytime they see her on the floor they are in her face so much that she doesn't have much room to move! 8 )

Here she is playing in her new bouncy seat. Check out the look on her face - that is what she looks like most of the time when her big sisters are "playing" with her:

And lastly, while Stranger was on vacation, we went to a children's museum at the state capital. While we were there he wore RainbowBaby in our mei tai. I joked to him that this is what he would look like if he had to bear the children:

Stranger will be working the next 4 nights so I may or may not have computer time over the next few days. If I get computer time, I'll post more pics and the video from TinyDancer's violin recital on May 8th.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy mother's day

Just in case I don't get to post tomorrow - Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there - whether your children came via adoption or you gave birth to them - whether your children are with you or in Heaven - have a great day!

TinyDancer wants to take me to a baseball game and buy me a hot dog and an ice cream sundae in a tiny plastic cup. So, we'll be at the ballpark tomorrow afternoon. All five of us. I'm sure it will be great fun! 8 )

Friday, May 7, 2010

First Picnic

Stranger has been on vacation this week and we've been enjoying some nice family time everyday. Here are the girls enjoying some playtime on Tuesday afternoon:

Family play time

On Thursday we went on a picnic after picking TinyDancer up from school. We went to the park with SleepinAbgel's grove of trees and sat right next to her trees. It's hard to believe that they have only been there for two years - they have grown so much! TinyDancer and Stranger also did some kite flying after lunch while the little girls and I watched.

Bring on lunch!

First picnic

Kite flying

SleepingAngel's trees right after they were planted - May 2008

SleepingAngel's trees - May 2010


Yesterday, RainbowBaby hit the seven pound mark. Yay!!! She and I have been spending a lot of time together in the rocking chair.

Here she is doing her first tummy time on Thursday.