Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First day of Kindergarten

Here are some shots of TinyDancer from this morning. How can she look so big and so little at the same time?

All dressed and eagerly waiting to go!


With Mommy

With Daddy

With RainbowBaby
No pictures with EasternStar! She has been sick so we let her sleep in instead of waking her up just to walk to the bus stop.
I think that TinyDancer was nervous about school starting......until today! She had asked that I follow the bus to school and walk her in (which I did) but I think that once she saw the bus and got on she was fine. As you can see below, she was "too big" for a picture of her in the window. We didn't even get a kiss goodbye at the bus stop, or after I followed the bus to school and walked her in!

See the tiny smudge of hand in the front window? That's her!

Bonus - video of the walk to the bus stop! 8 )


libraray lady said...

Thanks for the update. I so remember wearing of the uniform
to school. give her a hug from us

Supurrkitten said...

How awesome! you all look great. I can't believe you go t no kisses. (((SIGH)))

I lol'd when they told her no cell phones on at school while at mass. That was awesome. Congrats On one day down.

Hope the year is great.