Saturday, June 26, 2010

Have you seen my shoes?

While the girls were at tumbling class this morning, someone "stole" TinyDancer's sandals!
The kids put their things in open cubbies outside of the gym while they are in class. Stranger and I don't think it was malicious - whoever took the our shoes left their shoes a few cubbies over from ours and they looked almost identical. Sadly, the shoes were two sizes too small for TinyDancer's feet so we had to make an emergency stop at the shoe store this morning before we headed to the mall to buy birthday presents for a party this afternoon.
Since the shoes looked so similar I understand how this could have happened, but I still have to ask - How can you not realize that you are wearing someone else's shoes? 8 )

Strawberry picking

At the beginning of June, Stranger, Grandma, and I took the girls strawberry picking. I'm just now having time to post the pictures. I had hoped that if EasternStar got to pick some strawberries that she might have some interest in eating them. No such luck. But, she had fun anyway!

EasternStar with her bowl of berries

Even RainbowBaby had fun!

TinyDancer with one of her treasures

3 generations of strawberry pickers

Father's Day

Nothing says "Happy Father's Day" like a picture of your children hitting each other, right? 8 )

The girls and I made this banner for Stranger for Father's Day. As much as I wanted to use the above picture, we settled on this one:

Saturday, June 12, 2010


After many delays - Stranger's plane left 2 hours late and we had to find an alternate way to get on the highway as a train had hit something and was stopped on the train tracks - we all made it home around 10 o'clock last night.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stranger come home!!

Stranger is in Canada for the week. Everyone with me now... BOO HISS!! He is taking some super exciting and interesting class ha ha for work. Thankfully, I got all of my bitching and moaning out of the way before he left. Sadly, he did not. Apparently he is not having fun. There is much bitching and moaning occuring in Canada - A!

Double thankfully, one of my aunt's was nice enough to fly in for the week to help occupy the girls. My aunt and my mom have been over every day to help with dinner and bedtime. By "help", I mean, they make dinner, clean up from dinner, bathe the big girls, and then put the big girls to bed. How awesome is that! I am very lucky!!

Despite the fun that the girls are having - on Sunday and Monday we went swimming, on Tuesday we went to a water playground at a nearby park - the girls miss daddy. When Stranger left, the girls looked like this:

However, today, they look like this:

8 )

House of parties

We have a lot of parties in our house. Tea parties, birthday parties, baby parties, and of course, pony parties are just a few of the reasons we party. This morning as I cleaned up from breakfast, TinyDancer got the basement set up for a pony party. In order to attend, everyone had to dress up in their fanciest clothes:

TinyDancer wore her new pink feather boa.

EasternStar selected her fairy wings and skirt. She wasn't very interested in her boa. 8 )

RainbowBaby attended the party, and she was non to pleased that we didn't have anything small enough for her:

After I finished my work, I was allowed to attend:

I shared my boa with RainbowBaby and then she was happy.

And here is the birthday pony:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Group recital

A few weeks ago, TinyDancer had her final group recital of the year. The recital starts with the "big kids" and the music that they can play. Then they slowly play easier songs and add in the lower classes. TinyDancer is in the begining class (Book 1) so she didn't get up to play until the end. Don't worry, we didn't video the entire recital! These three videos are the pieces that her class did.

May song

Long Long Ago

The finale-

Folk Songs


At the beginning of May, TinyDancer had another solo recital. She has worked so hard this year! I can't believe how far she has come in just one year.

Here she is playing her new favorite song, Allegro. The students were allowed to wear whatever they wanted and she chose to wear one of her princess dresses. 8 ) She has moved on to the next song in her book called Perpetual Motion (I think that song is named after EasternStar).