Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lightly Row

TinyDancer had her first violin recital of the year on Monday night.

Side note - Did I mention that she recently moved up from the "beginner beginner" class to the "beginner" class? Their terms are "Pre-Twinkle" and "Book 1" but I like mine better. 8 ) The structure of the class is still the same - 30 minutes of playing as a group and then 30 minutes of music theory. She loves both parts which is nice. During the "theory" part they have been working on naming the notes on the D string (don't worry - if I wasn't helping her learn how to play, I wouldn't know which on that one was either) and working on reading music. They worked on "Mary had a little lamb" a few weeks ago - which is played almost exclusively on the D string. She's a little intimidated in the theory part - I think because she is the youngest in the class - and because she loves to observe the "big kids" (ie - 1st graders) in her class.

Anyway, back to the recital, she performed Lightly Row which is a folk song. She has been practicing really hard. I was so nervous for her while she was playing - I don't think I breathed the entire time. I wonder if that ever goes away?


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Heather said...

She's getting really good at it!! Great job Tiny Dancer!! I'm proud of you!