Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breakfast is served!

A few days ago, TinyDancer decided that she would make breakfast while I was changing EasternStar's diaper. Didn't she do a great job?

She even poured the milk into the cereal bowls and carried them over to the table by herself! I was really impressed!

And EasternStar was happy that she didn't have to wait while I made breakfast. 8 )

Preschool "Paperwork"

When the adoption paperwork chase was in full swing, TinyDancer often had to accompany me on errands to pick up this or that or to get this or that certified/apostilled/blessed by the pope. While we were running here, there, and everywhere to chase down what we needed, she expressed an interest in doing her own "paperwork". She was out of daycare aka "school" and missing the educational piece that she used to get there (we have always sent her to daycares that had a cirriculum - even in the infant rooms - so she is used to learning new things and very inquisitive) and I had planned on getting her some workbooks to work on anyway.

So, we went to a teacher supply store and bought her a few workbooks and had a daily "school" session at home where we worked on letters, numbers, drawing lines, etc. When we had to run errands, I'd copy worksheets for her and she'd work on them while we were waiting for our paperwork.

Even though the paperchase is over, she still enjoys doing her "paperwork" and we use it to keep her occupied when EasternStar has therapy or I have to go to the doctor or any other random times when we have to do something that will be boring for her. I think that it's awesome that she asks to do it!

The preschool books have gotten too easy for her so I found some critical thinking books and begining phonics books and some maze books. The mazes have been a huge hit! I love watching her try to figure out how to do the maze right the first time! I can see some of my problem solving skills in her as she works.

I just got a big stack of paperwork ready for her for tomorrow as EasternStar has her 6 month post-adoption checkup in the morning. I'm chuckling to myself because the critical thinking book that I bought - for preschoolers - had an answer key in the back. hee hee hee Seriously!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

RainbowBaby pictures

Yesterday RainbowBaby had her last ultrasound. I think that she is ready! We are both to the point where we are making each other uncomfortable, so at least we are even! 8 ) Her measurements are right on track for where she is and her weight is estimated at 6 lbs 8 oz - give or take a pound either way (so she could be between 5lbs 8 oz or 7 lbs 8 oz) and she is expected to gain about 0.5 lbs a week. Only 3 weeks to go!!!!

Today Stranger and I went through the disaster that was her room and picked up all of our preemie clothes. Our other two babies have been in preemie clothes for a few weeks, but I don't think we'll need them for RainbowBaby! She will be our first healthy, full term baby and I expect that she'll go right into either newborn or 0-3 month clothes.

Here are some of the ultrasound photos:

Lunch with the Easter Bunny

Every year, a park near our house has an Easter Spectacular with a hay ride, egg hunt, bouncy house, etc. This year, they changed things up and added a lunch with the Easter Bunny.

Grandma and Grandpa have always taken TinyDancer and it is always a good time. This year, one of my children loved meeting the Easter Bunny and of them did not. hee hee hee

8 )

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eviction Notice!

RainbowBaby was given her eviction notice today while I was at the doctor for my NST and fluid check appointments. I was surprised to receive it today as I thought it would be a few more weeks until we got a date. Apparently I just didn't understand the process.

32 days to go!!!!

Holy crap! We'd better get a move on! RainbowBaby's room looks like a clothing bomb went off in it! 8 )

Speech Updates

EasternStar had another speech therapy appointment today so I thought that I'd give a quick update on her progress. Her speech therapist has been very pleased with her progress. Still no "real" talking, but she is babbling up a storm and putting different sounds together. We are working on saying "Open" and she is very good at signing open.

We taught her "more" and "all done" while we were still in Russia and she picked those up right away. Once we were home, we tried "food", "eat", and "drink", but she wasn't interested. After months of repitition, I'd say that she finally started signing those about 4-5 weeks ago. She also knows "help" and "stuck". Those are more useful than you'd think!

As far as vocalizing, she can say "HIIII", "book", "boo", and "Naaaa" which we interpret to be TinyDancer's name. Today she started working on "in" at therapy.

As far as understanding, she has great comprehension. She can follow directions to go get her shoes; pick out her cup, bowl, or plate; throw something in the trash; take something to someone else (or go find someone else); stand by her chair at the table; pick up a toy and put it away; go get her coat and a handful of other things. She also understand "we are going to Grandma's house" and "I'll be right back" and "say bye-bye".

I'm sure that "real" talking is just around the corner and I can't wait to hear her thoughts about.......everything! 8 )

Matching Jammies!

I'm sure that some day my kids will think that this is dorky, but I love putting them in matching clothes. And matching clothes that say "Big Sister" and "Little Sister" are even better! There were so many days and weeks after SleepingAngel died where we thought that perhaps this was God's way of telling us that we were not meant to have more children. So many days that we never thought that we'd be lucky enough to have a second child, much less a third. I am so thankful that we are fortunate enough to do this!

I went to Kohl's a few days ago and these jammies caught my eye:

Kohl's carries Carters pajamas up to size 12 or 14, and I was able to get these in TinyDancer's size (8) and EasternStar's size (3T).

I also found a "matching" sleeper in what I think will be RainbowBaby's size. The sleeper is white and has the same flowers as the pants. The collar and the sleeves have the purple and white polka dots on them. It is so cute!

I can't wait until my three girls can wear the matching "Big Sis" and "Little Sis" jammies!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just another rainy Saturday at our house......

How we spend our rainy Saturday afternoons:

Playing dress up......

and "indoor" sporting events

8 )

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bowling Party

Some of the highlights from TinyDancer's birthday party:

Diva photos

Some of the latest photos of our youngest diva:

How's my hair?

What do you mean we're out of animal cookies?

I might not say much, but I still know how to use this!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A day redeemed

Well, the day redeemed itself! After the morning, we had a great day and topped it off with this yummy dinner -

Homemade whole wheat hamburger buns - recipe from this blog:


Crockpot sloppy joes - recipe from this blog:

and steamed corn.


And......dinner was no where near as ........ eventful........ as breakfast was! 8 )

Things I've learned today

A few things that my children have taught me today:

- it's a good thing that I just put the number to poison control in a handy spot in our kitchen

- if one takes a bite out of an Electrosol liquid gel pack, it will make one vomit several times

- EasternStar is totally fine with vomiting up a portion of her breakfast and then continuing to eat

And something that I already knew but it is always nice to be reminded of:

- one of our dogs likes to lick up vomit

It's only 9:30 and I'm already exhausted! 8 )