Thursday, January 14, 2010

Speech Evaluation

A recap of our speech eval:

"Your daughter needs speech therapy". ha ha ha

We actually had our speech eval a day early. We went in for PT on Tuesday morning and ..... long story short..... the speech therapist that we were going to see on Wednesday morning had a conflict so she did her eval right after our PT appointment. It was nice to have the eval done a day early, but it doesn't speed up the process to actually getting into therapy. She has to write up a report (which should be done tomorrow) and then send it in to our insurance company. They in turn have to approve us for therapy and give the OK to the hospital. Then they (the hospital) are supposed to call us to set up appointments.

That is quite different from what happened for PT. For PT, we showed up for our eval and were told "she needs PT". And they were able to schedule us right away to start the next week. Don't you love red tape? Our insurance rocks so I'm going to call them on Monday to see if we really need to have prior approval to set up our appointments or see if I can push our paperwork through quickly.

We were given some paperwork to read through that gave suggestions on how to get the ball rolling on our end. Stuff that makes sense but sometimes you have to be reminded of - like repeating things. A lot. "Here is your cup". "Take a drink from your cup." "Give me your cup." "Put down your cup." And using shorter sentences. This is hard for us as we've always talked to TinyDancer in full, grown up sentences - and that works for her. It is obviously too much for EasternStar so we have to adjust our talking style. That is going to be a challenge because we are people with a lot to say! 8 ) We'll just have to figure out how to say it with less words. 8 )

And as is the case for the rest of her body, the speech therapist thinks that she has low muscle tone in her face. Poor thing. Muscles that are supposed to be tight are loose. Muscles that are supposed to be loose are tight. We need a tiny baby gym in our house to give her a total body makeover. 8 )

Of course on the way home from PT/Speech eval, she starts babbling in the car. Saying sounds that she has never said before. And singing. I looked back at her and said "Seriously?" and she laughed.

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