Friday, April 24, 2009

It finally came!!!

We are excited to announce that we've accepted a referral!

We don't have a lot of information - just a birth month and year and a picture - so there is still the potential that she might have some medical issues that we can't handle and not be a good fit for us - but we've decided to accept her and travel to see her!
I'm headed to the bank today to wire our referral fee to our agency and mail off our acceptance documents.

When we showed TinyDancer her picture, she said "She has crazy hair! We are going to have to comb it *every* day!". hee hee hee

No word on a travel date yet - we've got to get the fee and the paperwork in so that the agency can work on a travel date.

Hold on EasternStar - we're coming to meet you and hopefully you will be home soon!!


Carrie27 said...

Awesome! I hope she is a perfect fit!

Kristin said...

Oh what wonderful news! Hoping and praying she proves to be a perfect fit for your family.


tireegal68 said...

Happy ICLW to you!
What amazingly wonderful news!
I hope the trip is wonderful and you get to meet your eastern star soon!

Beautiful Mess said...

Congratulations! I love what Tiny Dancer said about her hair. That is too cute!

beebles said...

how exciting! congrats!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

How wonderful!

Happy travels to meet a sweet little girl! :)


Kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you guys! What fantastic news! Too funny about TDancers response. Such a girl! :)


~Jess said...

HOW EXCITING! Hopefully all will be well and fall quickly in to place and soon your little one will be coming home with you.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Good luck!


Heather said...

Congratulations to you all!

Jill said...

That's so exciting! I hope everything works out perfectly!


Anonymous said...

awww! I love finding blogs with great news like this!!! I hope it all goes well. :)


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Wow! That's so great! And I love Tiny Dancer's response to the picture! Sending prayers and good thoughts!

Celia said...

How exciting!