Saturday, October 31, 2009

The princess with the hurt foot

We made our fourth trip to the emergency room with TinyDancer last night. She was helping to clear off our front porch in anticipation of the trick-or-treaters tonight and she walked right off of it. Being the tough girl that she is, she held on to the flower pot that she was carrying and didn't spill any soil. Luckily our porch is only one step above the ground and all of our flower pots are plastic.

It was a hard sell to get her to the emergency room, but once there she was fine. Tired, but fine. They took a picture of her foot and she is fine. She got a super cool ace bandage to wear home - which she insisted the I remove this morning because it was hurting her foot. 8 )

She spent part of the morning on the couch with her foot propped up:

And part of the day scooting around on the floor playing with EasternStar. Now I have two scooters! 8 ) Bathing her this afternoon was ....... fun! We almost had to call in a submarine to get us out of the bathroom. 8 )

She still felt up to making Halloween treats with Grandma (the final pictures will be up later):

I'm not quite sure that EasternStar noticed anything was different today. She was all smiles as usual:

I'll post some pictures of the Halloween treats and the girls in their costumes later tonight.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a local pumpkin patch a few weekends ago (I know - I'm totatally on top of the blog, right?) and while we were there, mom was able to catch an action shot of me and the girls:

Seriously, that's how I spend most of my time. There is a tab bit of sibling jealousy in our house right now. On both sides. At least in this shot they aren't hitting each other. 8 )

Here are some more (G-rated) shots of our day:

The girls in the pumpkin patch

Who doesn't love these?

The four of us in the pumpkin patch

Monday, October 19, 2009



Today is SleepingAngel's second birthday. Or is it - today is supposed to be SleepingAngel's second birthday? Is? Was? Whatever.

We've been quite busy the past few weeks - you can tell because the blog has been silent. Stranger's car was turned into a tripod. That's right - a wheel fell off. I'm no mechanic, but even I know that That's no good. Then Stranger had to throw himself into studying for the boards. It was like intern year all over again as far as us seeing him. Thankfully those were last week. We only have to wait until February to find out if he passed. 8 ) EasternStar has attended the first few of her many scheduled doctor's appointments. So far she has had an ear infection (2 doctor's appointments), a hearing test (she passed), and a head-to-toe exam by her international adoption doctor. We still have to collect her stool samples for that and we are waiting to get the results of some of her blood work. Otherwise she is healthy and behind in all areas - some more than expected, some right where we expected. We have a physical therapy evaluation coming up another doctor's appointment and an eye appointment coming up - that is supposed to take 2 hours and I can't wait! And possibly a speach evaluation depending on how she does in the next two months. TinyDancer has had two violin recitals which each have their own dress rehearsal. One recital had a dress code that I was only semi-aware of until the day of so we scrambled to get her the right stuff before her recital. Mom of the year right here! 8 )

It's been busy.

But the business has been good. It's been an excuse not to think about it being October. An excuse not to think about today.

All in all it was an ok day.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had a special mass said for SleepingAngel at my parents church. She has quite the sense of humor - we arrived 5 minutes late (still getting used to the 2 kid thing) and mass hadn't started yet. We joked that they were waiting for us .... nope .... we had no priest. 8 ) A priest finally came and mass started 15 minutes late. We headed to mom's for breakfast and to relax. In the afternoon we went to SleepingAngel's memorial trees and sent her balloons for her birthday:

Today we had a "pool party" - we swam at the pool at Granny and Paw Paw's hotel and then TinyDancer had a picnic with her friends. Then we went shopping and out to dinner and had cake for dessert:

Happy Birthday sweet baby. We miss you and we love you.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, TinyDancer, and EasternStar