Thursday, August 6, 2009

We have a nursery

We finished EasternStar's room over the weekend. We have a few things left to do - decide if we want to hang a shelf for her stuffed animals, get out the cloth diapers from the diaper box in the basement, and get out her clothes. Other than that, it's all ready!

Her room from the doorway.

From the other side of the doorway.

The picture above the rocking chair.
We picked up this painting last fall at an auction for the International Adoption Clinic at the hospital where we work.
Her books and toys.
One of the many pictures TinyDancer has drawn.
I think that TinyDancer is the one of the left and EasternStar is the one of the right.
The nook with the dresser/changing table.
You can see the presents from my shower too! 8 )
Her hamper is already full of dirty clothes! 8 )
These are stuffed animals that need to get washed.
Some pictures that we (Stranger) made.
We had a boarder in TinyDancer's room in our house in Texas. We don't have enough of the boarder left to do another room and they don't sell it anymore. We settled for some framed art.

Her light switch.

The other side of the room.
The box is full of things for us to take on our trip (gifts, donations, etc).

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