Monday, August 17, 2009


I turned 31 on Saturday. To celebrate we went up to see my best friend and her husband and we had an awesome weekend. We were very busy - here is what we did in pictures:

First, TinyDancer put her hair in a ponytail:

Then we went garage sale-ing to look for a dresser for Aunt N's new baby. We didn't find any furniture but TinyDancer found this nightgown for EasternStar:

Then we went to the farmer's market to get some supplies for dinner. While Aunt N got healthy stuff like vegetables, TinyDancer found unhealthy stuff like cookies and this pretty sunflower:

After lunch, we went to the zoo. Here we are outside of the main entrance:

TinyDancer tried to sit on the dinosaur but she was scolded by the attendent by the gate. 8 )

My two favorite parts of our zoo visit were TinyDancer and Stranger riding the camel:

And watching the grizzly bear tear into a tent and take out a tub of peanut butter and eat it! The zoo was doing a demonstration on what happens when you leave food in your tent. They set up a small tent with food in it and then they set up a bear proof container to show that the bear can break into the tent and steal your food but it can't open the bear proof container. Here is the bear with his peanut butter:

Once we were tired, we went home and made chocolate ice cream:

And homemade salsa:

For dinner we had a Low Country Boil of corn on the cob, red potatoes, chicken, 2 kinds of sausages, and shrimp. It was delicious! TinyDancer helped clean to pot afterwards:

And then we had cookies and ice cream:
That is just *a little* bit of icing on those cookies!
Then TinyDancer got her first lesson on how to make a mint julip:
Here she is prepping the mint.
It was a great day!
I had a picture of TinyDancer with Aunt N and Uncle B, but it disappeared! 8 ( Check back later for the photo!

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Nicole said...

Hi! Love the photos! I actually bummed a couple for my blog, if you don't mind!

Thanks for the visit--we needed it and we loved having you guys. Next one will hopefully involve two more little people!!!