Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chilling in DC

We made it to our first destination!

Stranger has declared this a "splendid" trip so far because:
1. We made it to the airport 2 hours early
2. We did some quick rearranging of our checked bags and saved ourselves $125. One of our bags was 7.5 lbs overweight and we thought that the charge would only be $25. $25 we were willing to part with. $125.....not so much!
3. He got to have meat stuffed pizza for breakfast
4. Our plane left on time ...... so that ....
5. We have a long layover instead of having to sprint through the airport again
6. They gave us the *entire* can of coke on the flight instead of just pouring us one glass
7. United serves "premium snack mix" with the little sesame sticks that he likes

He is a bit miffed though, that:
1. We did not do a Top Gun style flyover past the Washington Monument
2. is reporting that the weather in Moscow is 30F even though the weather has been in the 60s for the past few weeks. We figure that either
a) it is really 30C (82F) in which case he is annoyed because it will be hot
b) we are going to be really cold when we get there! 8 )
I told him that if it is cold, I'll buy him a hat and gloves but he has to wear them on the flight to Tyumen because our luggage is PACKED and nothing else will fit in it. Even if it is "wafer thin".

** side note to our awesome neighbors - TinyDancer will be staying at home and I'm sure that Grandma and Grandpa would love some help - thank you Heather. Grandma has threatened to post a white flag in the kitchen window when she needs help. 8 )


LowerTeakwood said...

Sounds like it is going well! Apparently you have not been stuck next to the flushing toilets! That is a good thing trust me. Oh sure you get premium snack mix. We got rice with some topping we could not describe. I hope the weather turns out okay. If not be sure to get pictures of Sam in his coat and hat in the airport! Tell your mom she should fly the white flag in case we need to help too!

Heather said...

Well, considering I can see your kitchen window easily, that should be no problem.

As long as she doesn't need help with Skype.

Or swimming baby dolls.

I don't do either of those.

Heather said...

PS Stranger has low expectations, doesn't he?
Coke, sesame sticks, meat stuffed pizza. I detect a theme.