Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Traveling soon??

We received an invoice from our agency today that is for 'international travel fee - first trip fee'. We called our agency to ask .... ummm.... does this mean we have a travel date??? Is there a child identified for us? Nope - but we should have a date "soon" and that is all of the information that they have. They want us to get our $ submitted so that everything is in place and there will be no hold ups when we do get our travel date. I've seen some people get five days notice - can you imagine getting that call - "You have five days to be in Moscow" - and some people get three weeks notice.

I, of course, have LOTS of questions, but our coordinator is on vacation until Monday.

Prayers for a quick travel date appreciated!


LowerTeakwood said...

That is awesome! I'm sure the butterflies are building!! Perfect timing for a vacation, you'll probably end up traveling on Tuesday!!LOL - Can't wait to see you!

Kim said...

Hi - I just found your blog and the title cracks me up! I love all the nicknames you have. We too are waiting for the call to Russia and are registered in Volgograd! Here's hoping April brings us both great news!