Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's only 10 o'clock........

and I have already:
1. been overtaken by two overzealous dogs that tricked me into thinking they *really* had to go potty, only to bolt under and out of our fence like it was nothing

2. chased above mentioned dogs all over the neighborhood whilest listening to my four year old repeatedly ask "Where do you think the puppies are?" Apparently my answer of "I'm not sure" wasn't good enough because she kept asking. I finally responded "Sweetie, if I knew where the puppies were, I'd go straight there and get them." To which I got the response "I didn't ask *where* the puppies are, I asked where you *thought* they are." A response she has gotten from me a time or two about random things......nice!

3. been scolded at by an old woman for letting above mentioned dogs escape in the first place. Here's a thought, if you see a big black bear-looking dog with a big goofy grin on its face barreling towards you and your tiny-barely-10-pounds-when-wet-dog instead of shrieking "Don't bite my dog" (over and over) like a school girl, pick up your dog! And also, if a dog isn't barking, it isn't likely to just randomly bite you or your dog!

4. felt like mom of the year when four year old daughter, who is holding the leash for dog # 1 gets dragged across the street and knocked over (on the grass) when dog # 1 sees dog # 2 barreling towards the tiny-barely-10-pounds-when-wet-dog and wants to join in on the sniffing action instead of getting in the car like I told her too.

I have a headache, I haven't even showered yet, and I'm hungry.

I can't wait to see what the afternoon holds for us!


Heather said...

Yikes! Sorry...Jim saw said brown doggie out (but black doggie was still in the yard at the time) but could not convince brown doggie to go in the yard.

Oh wait...this was last night. Did this happen again this morning?!?!

The Mom said...

Yes - we decided to give the brown one some leeway and were letting him in the yard off leash. No more!
There were about due for an escape anyway! It just usually isn't so.....eventful! 8 )

jenn said...

Oh man I hate when the dogs get out! Buddy is my runner, and Ty likes to chase after him barking like he's saying, "HEY GO HOME!" for like a block then he gets tired of it all and surreneders. *SIGH* I'm tired just thinking about it.