Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parenting Fun!

Have I mentioned lately how much fun it is to experience the world through TinyDancer's eyes? I think that this is one of the best things about parenting! Thinks overheard in our house lately:

- "Look! The sun is saying good morning with beautiful colors!"

- "Why is it called a dress rehearsal instead of practicing for the dance recital?
You can call it a dress rehearsal, but I am going to call it practice for the recital."

- All of the kids in her class at her school brought in their favorite recipe and they have been voting on which one to make next. "Today we are making the last recipe and I voted for it. It is Butternut Squash Soup. At group time the teacher asked what we thought was in it and I said butter. Because the name is Butter *pause* Nut *pause* Squash *pause* Soup. I bet the butter is mashed up. We all get to take a turn mashing up the butter! I can't wait!"

- "This music makes me happy in my tummy"

- "Why is the moon still out? Doesn't he know that he is supposed to be sleeping when the Sun is out? Maybe the Moon is friends with the Sun and he missed him so he is staying up late to play."

- When we go to the zoo, every set of animals is a mommy and her baby or a mommy and a daddy and their baby.



Mr. Shelby said...

These quotes are adorable! Thank you for sharing them.

Mr. Shelby (from ICLW)

Carrie27 said...

Very valid points. The English language does not always make sense.

Anonymous said...

Children certainly have a way of putting things in perspective. Just the other day my 2 year old niece asked me what time is was, and I replied 3 o'clock. Then she replied, Spell it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and good luck with your adoption - I hope all goes well.

Mrs Zeee said...

I love this! "From the mouths of babes..."

Parenthood For Me said...

Precious words. My son is 2 and I cannot wait to hear all his thoughts! Congratulations on your referral. How exciting. My son is from Korea.
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