Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Mommy Fix-It Shop

Do you ever keep all of your mending until you have a nice big stack and then fix everything at once? I've been doing this since .... well..... sometimes I can be lazy. 8 )

The Mommy Fix-It Shop has already fixed:
- 1 tattered blankie
- 2 skinned knees that required 2 band-aids each

Neither of which is available for photographs as said blankie is currently in use and those two knees had better be sleeping!

Still yet to be fixed are:

1. A brown skirt - aka -My Favorite Brown Skirt. This has been MIA for quite some time - even I forgot that it needed to be fixed. This was a hand me down, but it is, in fact priceless to TinyDancer.

2. A purple princess dress - aka - The Butterfly Princess Dress. This has also been out of commission for quite some time. So much so, that when TinyDancer asked about it a few days ago, I didn't want to confess that it *still* wasn't fixed. My "didn't we take that to Grandma's and leave it there?" excuse did not work. I was busted!

3. A Belle dress - no aka. This only need minor mending - we just have some torn tulle. I don't think that it will be missed if I just snip the torn part off!

4. A "Bubbles" dress - aka - the itchy ballet costume - needed for an upcoming dance recital. This is needed for the dress rehearsal on Monday. Perhaps I should do this one first.

5. A "Pet Shop" dress - aka - the itchy tap costume that is much more comfy than the blue one - also needed for Monday night.

Sorry that you have to turn your head......
I'd better get sewing and hot glueing!


Heather said...

Hey, I recognize the favorite brown skirt! LOL
Hope mending went quickly!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I do this too. My mending pile is infamous.

Congratulations on your new referral. I hope it all goes smoothly!