Friday, April 3, 2009

Thunder, Thunder, Go Away!!

I am so tired. Why is it that things like this only happen when Stranger is on call? 8 )
Here is a timeline of my night last night:

8:00 - TinyDancer to bed - 30 minutes past bed time.
8:30 - TinyDancer - "I can't sleep. I'm hungry. I want to sleep with you."
8:31 - Me - too tired to argue - fine - move TinyDancer to my bed.
9:00 - Try to make a PB & J amongst the repeated requests for a snack and complaints of not being able to sleep, and dogs running underfoot as rain storm is approaching.
9:15 - Snack is over - lay down with TinyDancer
9:20 - It starts to thunder and lightening outside
9:21 - 10:20- Attempt to sleep amongst TinyDancer's repeated chants of "I'm scared. The thunder is going to get me. What is that light?" and the two dogs jumping up and down on the bed and running around the house whimpering Wonder to myself - Can I just go somewhere else to sleep while these three goof around?
10:30 - Thunder and lightening finally stop. TinyDancer finally falls alseep. An entire three hours past her bedtime!
10:30 - 11:15 - Finally get dogs calmed down. They are still pacing because of the rain but have finally stopped wimpering.
11:45 - Finally fall asleep.
12:15 - TinyDancer starts coughing. Darn you cold!!
12:30 - Get TinyDancer comfy and everyone goes back to sleep.
02:30 - Startled awake. Thud-thud. Thud-thud. Think to self - Shit! I'm having a heart attack! Wake up enough to realize that sound is not heart - sound is the neighbor across the street - their son is playing his rap music REALLY loud! It's not a heart attack - its just some really annoying bass. Think - "Why is a teenager coming home at 2:30 on a school night?" 8 )
02:50 - Music stops.
03:15 - Finally back to sleep.
04:15 - Woken up by one dog that needs to go to the bathroom. Consider cutting a hole in the back door so dogs can come and go by themselves. Dog refuses to go outside as it is *still* raining.
04:30 - Finally back in bed - but it is time to get up for Boot Camp.
04:31 - Decide to sleep in and do work out tomorrow morning instead.
06:30 - TinyDancer wakes up "It's wake up time Mommy!!!"
06:31 - 06:45 - Snuggle with TinyDancer and try to convince her that it is *not* wake up time yet.
06:45 - Set TinyDancer up with a movie and some cheerios.
07:15 - Woken to shouts of "I don't like cheerios, I want something else."
07:20 - Back in bed.
08:00 - Woken to "My movie is over! Can I have breakfast."
08:01 - Seriously?? Consider putting in another movie........get up and re-heat pancakes instead. Thank you once a month cooking!!

How much time until nap time? 8 )


Kim said...

Hahahahahahaha! Sorry you had such a rough night but that made for some good reading this morning! Hoping you can catch a nap today!

Heather said...

Okay, seriously. The rap music man and me are gonna scrap. Norah was up too. However, my husband was not on call. ;)