Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random things

In adoption news, our referral fee and our acceptance documents made it to our agency. Yay! They in turn, received a little more info about EasterStar and we passed that along to our doc. I really hope she is healthy as we are already falling in love with her little picture.

TinyDancer had her dance recital over the weekend. She was a little ham up on stage. During the first performance (Friday night) she spotted Stranger and FIL right as she was marching on stage. She waved to them during both of her performances - a few times each performance - and received many laughs from the audience. We were on the opposite side of the theater for the second performance (Saturday afternoon) and she didn't see us. Both performances were cute and she received lots of flowers from her Grandma and her Granny and even her cousin. Our house is so pretty right now with all of the fresh flowers. The recital, while a very loose interpretation of Beauty and the Beast, was very cute! (I bet you didn't know that there were dalmations in Beauty and the Beast - did ya?!)

Things I learned while volunteering at the Friday night performance:
1. Four little girls in tap shoes dressed like dalmations can make A LOT of noise if you take them all to the bathroom at once. Especially if you use the family bathroom.
2. It is very easy to spot four little girls in a cafeteria filled with 100 ballerinas running around if they are dressed the same. Note to self - remember this if we ever do have more than 1 child!
3. 9 little girls can fit around a tiny portable DVD player but only 5 of them will be able to hear the movie.
4. No matter how different snacks you send your child, she will still ask for the one snack that you didn't bring.
5. It is a VERY good idea to bring along a bottle of Tylenol to a ballet recital. 8 ). Especially after taking little girls to the bathroom. 8 )


Heather said...

Hee hee...I warned you about those bathroom trips!

Kim said...

Hahahahaha! I can't imagine how loud and silly it was with all those little girls running around! We are in for such a shock to our "boy" household. :)

Nicole said...

I sooo need pictures of this! What a proud momma you must have been!