Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Modest no more!

Today marked several milestones for RainbowBaby - I'm 32 weeks along (yay!) and I started my twice weekly NSTs and once weekly AFI. An NST (Non-stress Test) is when they hook your belly up to a machine and they monitor the heartbeat of the baby and they monitor for any contractions. The AFI (Amniotic fluid index) is where they measure the fluid in the uterus.

I started with the NST and the nurse hooked me up and then asked why I was being monitored; what was my high risk condition? The inside of me shouted "because my last baby died and with every ache and twinge and pain I'm convinced that this one will too!". However, the calm and rational side won and said "because I take heparin". 8 )

RainbowBaby passed the NST - although the nurse had to use the "cattle prod" to wake her up and the fluid level looks great. Since RainbowBaby is getting bigger, they don't have the luxury of being modest anymore. There just isn't room! Today we were able to see clearly that RainbowBaby is a girl. Yay! TinyDancer will be very excited to be getting another sister! EasternStar is going to be ticked, no matter what gender comes home. 8 )

I also had a growth check and baby is measuring right on track and in the 50% percentile for weight at 4 lbs.

In two weeks we'll find out our "real" due date - the date that RainbowBaby will be born. Our doctor's office delivers NET 39 weeks, so it'll be whatever day my doctor is doing deliveries that particular week. I'd guess that we'd better like, pick a name and maybe get out some clothes and stuff.

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library lady said...

Glad to hear all is going well. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.
Library Lady