Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby preparations - breakfasts

In addition to shuffling things around in our house (as if that wasn't going to be enough work), we remembered what it was like to bring TinyDancer home and how we never felt like cooking. Or actually, how she would never let us put her down long enough to cook. 8 ) Since we have twice as many kids now (wow!) and significantly less money, we decided that we'd better start doing some cooking now so that we can have healthy, homemade breakfasts, lunches and dinners when the baby comes instead of reaching for fast food at every meal. I'm making the food this month because Stranger goes MIA next month and the first few weeks of April.

This weekend I started on our breakfasts. I made:

- chocolate chip pancakes - a favorite of both of the girls - 6 dozen
- sour cream banana chocolate chip muffins - a favorite of EasternStar - 3 dozen
- blueberry stuffed pancake muffins - 2 dozen
- cherry poptarts - 21 - yum!
- farmer's casserole - 9 of them 8 )
- cinnamon rolls - 2 dozen - Stranger made the dough in our bread machine. We are never going back to store bought cinnamon rolls! 8 )
- breakfast burritos - 48

Cherry poptarts fresh from the oven

Cherry poptarts after being iced and topped with sprinkles.
Thanks for helping, TinyDancer!

1 of the 9 farmer's casseroles that I made 8 )

Don't the blueberry stuffed pancake muffins look yummy?

The hole at the bottom of the stuffed pancake muffins. 8 ( Unfortunately, this
happened to all of them! I'm not sure why - I experimented with a few of the batches
and it kept happening.
Now I feel as though these muffins have instigated a rivalry with me
and I'm going to keep making them until I can fix it. 8 )

The blueberry pie filling left in the muffin tin. 8 (

I was too pooped out to make the last recipe - 2 dozen eggwiches. I might make those tomorrow if the baby feels up to it. 8 ) And if Stranger lets me mess up the kitchen again.

Next weekend I'm going to work on lunches, then dinners, then snacks. TinyDancer is the most excited about the snacks because I'm going to freeze several kinds of cookie dough and she can't wait to help with that. She is also excited about the lunches because we are going to make homemade pizza crust in the bread machine and use it to make homemade hot pockets. 8 )

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