Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friendship Blossom Valentines

I love doing little art projects with TinyDancer and I can't wait until EasternStar is big enough to join in.

I've been waiting for years for TinyDancer to be big enough to go to school and have Valentine's day parties so that we can make her valentines together. I have a folder with ideas that I've been collecting over the past few years. This is the first year that she is going to have a real Valentine's day party and get to exchange valentines. For this year, we picked this to make from FamilyFun magazine:

I cut out the hearts and the circles and TinyDancer cut out the leaves. She did an awesome job! She is working hard on cutting on the lines with her scissors. Stranger helped by cutting the designs on the edges of the circles.

TinyDancer was also in charge of the assembly, but she tuckered out after we finished the flowers for the girls. Here is the finished product:

Friendship Blossom TinyDancer style
Lastly, proof that I have the best husband ever:
After we made all 12 of them, I was wondering out loud where to store them until Friday. I poked my head into the living room to see if Stranger had any ideas. He went downstairs - during the SuperBowl - and made this little holder for the lollipops. Isn't he awesome?

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