Friday, February 26, 2010


Dear Public Library,

I know that money is tight and budgets are slim. But, if you are going to insist on buying the cheapest toilet paper possible, could you either
a. start the roll before you put it on the dispenser
b. not put the toilet paper in impossibly hard to use dispensers that won't allow you to actually see or reach the beginning of the roll thus rendering the toilet paper impossible to use?

I tried all four rolls in your bathroom this morning and despite the fact that I have a bachelor's degree in engineering, I was unable to get ANY of them started - all I got was tiny scraps of paper. And my daughter was very ticked off because I kept coming in and out of the stalls and she was ready to GO!

Thank you,
Bringing my own next time
8 )


Dear Woman that works at the drive thru pony keg near the library,

The next time that a woman in a minivan comes barreling into the drive thru and screeching to a halt with a desperate look in her eyes and a screaming child in the back that is gnawing her arm off, please do not take your time putting down your cigarette before coming over. By the way, please stop smoking, it's bad for my baby. And when the desperate looking woman asks for a bag of pretzels, any pretzels it doesn't matter the cost, don't list the various types and brands, just grab the darn pretzels!

And, if they cost $1.59 and you are given $1.60, bring back the darn penny. My family and I would be financially secure if it weren't for people like you that keep our extra pennies or two!

Won't forget the snack next time

8 )

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