Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random thoughts....

Some random thoughts for today....

- File this under things you never thought you'd say: Take your panties off of your head and put them on your bottom. 8 )

- TinyDancer had a violin concert last night and she did fantastic! She is working SO hard! Her class played the E string concerto, A string concerto, the Flower Song, and they did two poems - the Bow Poem and the Heavy Head poem and they sang a song out violins and trees. It was so cute! I am so proud of her and how hard she is working. We are using the Suzuki method and it is really working for her! She knows when she makes "pretty sound" and "not pretty" sound and she gets mad at herself when she can't make "pretty sound".

She knows two more songs - the Monkey Song and the Bubblegum Song and she is starting her first Twinkle. I have no idea what a Twinkle is but it seems like a mixture of the Flower, Monkey and Bubblegum songs merged together. There is also a Butterfly song that she might learn this week.

- Stranger is loving his new job as a fellow and life is pretty good at our house right now! We've slept in the same bed every night for an entire month! It's been over three years since that has happened!

- We haven't heard anything more about our adoption other than the judge in our region is on vacation until the end of August. 8 ( We hope to hear something then. However, we have friends that are going to the same region (their daughter is in the same orphanage as EasternStar!) and they just found out that they are going to court at the beginning of September. Prayers for them for a safe journey to pick up their little girl!

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