Monday, July 13, 2009

More fun in the kitchen

TinyDancer loves to experiment in the kitchen. Her last experiment was a bit disappointing (in her eyes). I asked her if she wanted to help me make tortilla pizzas - just like regular pizza only you make it on a tortilla instead of a pizza crust. Her idea was to make a pizza sandwich - as in - a tortilla (because a piece of bread would be too small) - a piece of pizza - and then another tortilla. This did not taste as good as she had imagined!

Her last experiment, however, tasted great!
Her vision - chocolate chip cookies that were shaped like animals. (I asked if she wanted to make animal cookies - she came back with chocolate chip shaped animal cookies).
We used the regular Nestle chocolate chip cookie recipe but substituted m&ms for chocolate chips because that is what we had on hand. My friend suggested that we only use 1 stick of butter and that did help them keep their shape a little better. They still tasted great! It was a bit tricky to get the dough into the cookie cutters and then remove the cookie cutters and keep the shape. I think that next time I'll spray the cookie cutters with PAM first and see if that helps.

Here are some pictures of the latest experiment:

A close-up of the dough.

The chef and her bowl of dough. Note that she is baking in her cheerleading costume. 8 )

The cookie cutters - we didn't have animal cookie cutters so she had to make due with shapes and letters instead.

The second cookie sheet with the cookie cutters removed. We made a cookie with each of our initials - N, L, E, K, and S.

The finished product - those were some giant cookies!!

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Kim said...

Oh that is so cute! What an adorable little chef you have!