Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy busy busy bees

Ok, I'm totally making up for my lack of photos with this post! This post is very photo heavy, so if it takes a few minutes for your page to load, that is why. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

We've been very busy since we returned from Russia. Not only did we complete our court dossier, but we've also completed some projects around the house:
- We've built and painted a shed for our backyard toys:
And then filled it!:
- We've organized our garage:

Those bins on the left are empty and will be going away soon! We added some shelves in the garage which has helped enormously!

- We made a drying and display area for all of TinyDancer's artwork:

- We cleaned up after our exploding watermelon:
Note to self, no more produce from Wal-Mart!

- We've organized our stock pile in the basement:

- We've straighten up the shelves in the laundry room:

- And hung a peg board to organize all of our bags:
Our coats will be hanging here come fall and winter.

- We've unpacked all of our kitchen stuff and put it away. Yes, we've been in our house for three years, but we moved in over 1 weekend and then hit the ground running with Stranger's job. After three years we are finally unpacked and feel settled!
The only stuff left in boxes is our china. I want to get some nice storage boxes that are made for china, like these:
- We hung Stranger's diploma:

But it hasn't been all work and no play!
- We've played in the water slide at Grandma's house:

- We've played with our new (to us - Thank you craigslist!) teeter tooter:

- We've watched our Lilly's bloom:

- We've gotten confused as to what season it is:

- We've practiced TinyDancer's violin almost everyday:

- We've made Oreo Chunk Cookies:

- We've gone to the zoo and watched the Rhino play in his swimming pool:

- And we participated in the annual 4th of July parade in our neighborhood:

Next up, we are removing a shrub from the side of our house to make a house for our trash cans (no more trash cans in the driveway! yay!) and getting started on EasternStar's room!


Clarese said...

You HAVE been busy!! I'm afraid to ask what happened to that watermelon... eek!

Kim said...

Seriously, you are too funny! Great picture post!

1) I learned my lesson with Walmart produce with some nasty banana's once. Ick!

2) Craigslist is THE BEST!

3) You NEED to post the recipe for those cookies!