Monday, May 18, 2009

We made it to Tyumen

We made it to Tyumen! We actually gained 2 more hours so we are 10 hours ahead of home.

The plane ride here was ...... interesting! The plane was four seats across and not very modern. The entire flight, Stranger kept looking at me and saying "We're on a mission from God, right?" The emergency exit on our plane - an escape hatch and a rope! hee hee hee

And apparently foreigners don't come this far West very often and our lack of understanding Russian has gotten us some eye rolls. hee hee hee Not that we can blame them - we'd probably do the same thing at home! But I'm not sure that I could understand them even if I did speak Russian! People here speak very quickly and very softly. So different from home! Most of the time when someone says something, I'm saying "What?" because I can't hear them! They could be speaking English and I still wouldn't understand! hee hee

Tommorow morning we meet with the Ministry and then we go straight to meet EasternStar. We weren't too nervous about our meeting, but after getting prepped by our coordinator and translator, now we are! We have notes from our doctor stating that we don't have Swine Flu and we bought some masks when we got here - just in case we need them to get into the orphanage. And we have our questions for our doc - so I guess we are ready.

Pray for a good meeting tomorrow!


Heather said... exciting! I so excited for you I can barely stand it. LOL

Jim tried to constantly remind me that we were "on a mission from God". I have to say, at times, he was a lot more faithful than I was!

The other Americans with young babies...were they through your same agency? Did you find out how long it took them? I'm always curious, especially since bringing N home and watching it all unfold with you and with Shan.

I can not WAIT to read about your meeting (okay, not the one with the ministry...duh...the one with EasternStar) and hear all about it and her!
Hugs to you both!!!!

Nicole said...

I am so excited to hear how the day goes tomorrow...I have been thinking of you non-stop and saying little prayers all day.