Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our last day in Tyumen

edited - sorry about all of the spelling errors today! I was tired! 8 )

Today is our last day with EasternStar. 8 (

Our breakfast this morning was great again. On the menu today - omelettes (not what you think - they were bricks of eggs - how do they get them to stay in cubes like that??), french fries, sausages, pancakes, and fish balls. hee hee It's as fun to type as it is to say! They were just like meatballs, only made of fish. Stranger says that they were "fishy". hee hee

After breakfast, we walked to the supermarket for our water for today and then came back to the hotel and rested. Our bodies are all messed up - we both woke up today at 3 am Tyumen time and couldn't go back to sleep.

At 9:40 we left for the regional MOE appointment and answered some questions about our visits with EasternStar and our decision to continue. We said YES of course!

Then, it was off to see EasternStar. She was happy to see us this morning but she wasn't feeling very well. They think that she has two teeth coming it at the same time. Ouch! She was warm and had a runny nose. Most of our visit was spent holding her and cuddling with her. At one point, her music teacher came in and took her from my arms and she immediately started crying and stopped once I took her back. She also cried when we returned to her Gruppa and she didn't stop before we left. 8 ( Our poor baby who doesn't feel good today. We got lots of cuddles today - those were new. She hadn't put her head down on our shoulders before today. She also isn't much for having her hands held. Until after her teacher took her and then she grabbed my thumbs and held on for dear life!

We visited our usual spot for lunch today. Today we had tortollini in a cream sauce with ham pieces. Yum!

We get to see EasternStar one more time and then we are immediately off to the airport to start our journey home.


Heather said...

Okay, I almost didn't make it through your first paragraph to get to the other parts. I have so been corrupted by Stranger and the other LT guys. I mean, balls? And Stranger thought they were fishy? I laughed so hard I couldn't see straight.

On to the more important stuff...I am amazed at how these kids latch on to us and figure out that we are mom and dad so quickly. She already prefers you over teachers and some caregivers. I can't imagine how hard it will be to leave her, but what a great feeling to know that she is healthy and clearly doing well in many ways.

We're looking forward to seeing you back at LT and praying for a short time until you return to Tyumen.

By the way, last night C and TinyDancer were playing. All the while I kept hearing them saying that they were traveling to Russia, and at one point, TinyDancer says, We're not there yet C...we're in Tyumen. Hee hee. I had to tell her that Tyumen is IN Russia. She was like...oh. But it was cute to see them "traveling" there...what fun.

Nicole said...

Safe travels my friends...and may the time between this trip and the one where you get to bring EasternStar home be SO SO SO short!!!

Can't wait to talk to you live!

library lady said...

what spelling errors.

Clarese said...

I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to leave your daughter. I hope the time between now and court goes quickly! Travel home safely.