Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Once a Month Cooking - April

We did our once a month cooking over the weekend and it was hilarious. We had a couple of whoopsie! incidents - actually - I think it was just me that had the incidents! I won't go into details as I'm too flustered with getting ready for our upcoming trip to really focus on a good post - but luckily we were able to laugh about our (my) mistakes.

48 pork chops is a lot of pork chops and we ended up packaging them in bags of three. To me, that equals more meals = less cooking during the month! Yay! We also had a lot of pasta salad! It was hilarious to see Heather sitting on my yucky floor (I'm so embarrassed about the state of our house that day!) and portioning out the giant stockpot full of pasta salad. We also had a little bit of the ham mixture from the ham and potato pockets left over. Luckly, we had an extra tube of crescent rolls so we made some plan ham pockets. Two got a little too brown (that was my whoops! again) so our hubbies got them.

Heather and I are so lucky to have such great hubbies! We cooked at our house and Stranger was in the kitchen most of the day washing the dishes ..... and helped package and label a few of the dishes. Meanwhile Heather's hubby took their three kids to church and to a soccer game. Oh, and TinyDancer tagged along to the soccer game too! 8 ) I have huge respect for all of the ladies that do the washing themselves. What does it mean that Heather and I need a third adult to help with the cleanup? Are we too messy? hee hee hee

We've already tried the Cheddar Butter Burgers - which almost became Swiss Butter Burgers (me again!) - and they were delicious! We've also tried the Egg Muffins, the Fruit Cups, and I'm having the Pasta Salad for lunch today. I can't wait for lunch!

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