Thursday, May 14, 2009

The things that we come home to.....

The things that we come home to..... that make us sad:

A broken window screen:

Doggie doo on your favorite pillow:
And I'm left to wonder - What the hell were the puppies doing while I was at work? TinyDancer and I came home to find Doggie # 1 hanging out of the window above our bed and poop inbetween two of our pillows. {Stop laughing!} {Seriously, I can hear you} {Fine, I'll wait}
And Doggie # 2 seemed to be serving as some sort of lookout as she was running back and forth inbetween the bedroom and the living room.
Did they have to go and they tried to make a break for it and jump out of the window but didn't make it?
Were they super scared because of yesterday's thunder and lightening storm and they tried to escape? I'm wondering if Doggie # 1 got halfway out of the window and then either A: realized how high above the ground he was or B: There was a big bolt of lightening and both things scared the cr@p out of him!
Life's little mysteries.......
And that was my favoite pillow!

The things that we come home to ...... that make us happy!
Our Visas:
A big stack of cash for our trip:

I thought that 4K would be a bigger stack of cash. Oddly, its not.
We also started packing last night:
EasternStar's blankie:

And some of her new toys:


Heather said...

Oh my gosh, the doggie do on the pillow! I'm rolling....

Tash said...

Sounds like my dogs and yours have been hanging out together.

Don't know that I've mentioned this on the blog, but my cousin is a mom to a happy, healthy, eat-up-adorable boy from, um, let's just say the northern(most)west region of Russia. Adopted him when he was two, and he just turned five. It's been win/win all the way around. Thinking of you tons -- good luck!!