Thursday, May 28, 2009

A flurry of activity and then a day of rest!

Whew! It's been a busy couple of days!

Tuesday was spent partially working and partially with doctors for me. Right before we left, we found out that we were pregnant. I can't even begin to put a voice to all of the emotions that we've gone through - so I'll just stick to facts. We had one perfect ultrasound with a perfectly round sac and a perfect yolk sac the Friday before we left. Four days later, the miscarriage started at 6.5 weeks. So, on Tuesday I got an "emergency" ultrasound to check that my body had passed everything naturally (it did) and then I got the pleasure of going to Labor and Delivery to get my Rhogam shot. It's almost as if the powers that be at that hospital sat down and thought -
"How can we make a miscarriage even worse?"
"Oh oh! I know! Lets make them go to L & D to get their shot."
"Oh yeah! And lets make sure that ALL of the nurses ask them how many weeks they are and if this is the hospital where they are going to deliver."
"These are great ideas guys! Strong work!!"

Even more exciting, the week before we left I found out that a few of my liver enzymes were high so my GI told me to stop all of the meds for my colon. Great idea! Let's start a week of foreign travel - with a week's worth of eating out - and stop all of our maintenance meds! There is NO WAY anything bad can happen! None! And lets not make a plan of what to do if a flare starts. Nope. That would be ridiculous! Lets think - what causes The Mom to flare - not taking her meds...... and eating out a lot...... hmmmmm.......
So after three frantic calls with the GI while we were still in country which weren't returned, we made our own plan! I finally got ahold of the GI on Tuesday night and was able to get some more prednisone. My favorite!

Wednesday was also spent partially working and partially at the doctor. My medical exam was out of date so I got mine redone and we needed to complete our HIV and syphillis testing and get a chest x-ray both for our domestic medical exams and for our exciting and extremely thorough 8 doctor medical exam that we'll do once we return to Moscow. My medical exam and getting our HIV and syphillis test results are the last things that we need to finish our second dossier. We should get our results on Monday and then next Thursday TinyDancer and I will get everything certified and apostilled and then mailed to our agency. Yay!

So, after all of the excitement and running around on Tuesday and Wednesday, TinyDancer and I got to spend today relaxing at home (for the most part) and playing all day. With all of the last minute errands to get ready for our trip, it had been a while since I got to spend an entire day focused just on TinyDancer and having fun! And have fun we did! We left the house for her tumbling lessons and for her violin lessons - but other than that, we stayed home and made a big mess and played in the sprinkler. Her favorite things!

Tomorrow we are off to the Children's museum in the morning and then we are going to plant some flowers in the afternoon. Good stuff!

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Clarese said...

I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. What you had to go through sounds absolutely horrid.