Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A most inconvenient place to sleep

What do you think would be the most inconvenient place for your child to fall asleep?

On your lap? Maybe.

On your lap while you are going potty? Hmmm......that would be pretty inconvenient.

On your lap while you are going potty in a public restroom?? BINGO!!!!!

On Saturday, the company that Stranger and I work for had their company picnic. Our company is HUGE - over 10,000 employees and the picnic was at a local amusement park. Because of other activities that we had going that day, we let EasternStar skip her nap and headed out to the park in the early afternoon.

After a few hours of walking in the humidity and the excitement of riding the rides, EasternStar was done! I dashed into the potty as we were packing up to go. She climbed into my lap, shouted "Loud!" (not me - the bathroom had those hand dryers that sound like jet engines), put her head down and fell asleep!

That's a cool feeling!

I sat there for a few minutes, dumbfounded. I called Stranger but all he had to offer was chuckles.

She was tired as she slept through the finishing up, hand washing, and the trek back to the stroller and being fastened in the stroller.

Next time, I'm going solo!!

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