Friday, September 3, 2010

First Food

RainbowBaby started eating cereal last week. This is waaay earlier than we started TinyDancer on "solid" foods, but she has been interested in watching us eat for weeks. So interested that if I was holding her and eating something, she would lean in and open up her mouth as I brought my food to my mouth!

So, last week week we decided to give cereal a try. RainbowBaby was pretty excited to put on her bib - I wonder if she knew what was coming??

I promise, she really was excited!

MMMM a bowl full of mush!

And a disappointing first bite!
I bet she was expecting it to taste better than it did! Soon princess, you can move on to something tastier!
We settled for just chewing on the spoon!

This week went much better and RainbowBaby even started to enjoy the cereal. Next up, sweet potatoes! TinyDancer is going to help me make a batch of sweet potatoes and we'll stick some sweet potato ice cubes in the freezer to enjoy over the rest of the month.

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