Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Speech Updates

EasternStar had another speech therapy appointment today so I thought that I'd give a quick update on her progress. Her speech therapist has been very pleased with her progress. Still no "real" talking, but she is babbling up a storm and putting different sounds together. We are working on saying "Open" and she is very good at signing open.

We taught her "more" and "all done" while we were still in Russia and she picked those up right away. Once we were home, we tried "food", "eat", and "drink", but she wasn't interested. After months of repitition, I'd say that she finally started signing those about 4-5 weeks ago. She also knows "help" and "stuck". Those are more useful than you'd think!

As far as vocalizing, she can say "HIIII", "book", "boo", and "Naaaa" which we interpret to be TinyDancer's name. Today she started working on "in" at therapy.

As far as understanding, she has great comprehension. She can follow directions to go get her shoes; pick out her cup, bowl, or plate; throw something in the trash; take something to someone else (or go find someone else); stand by her chair at the table; pick up a toy and put it away; go get her coat and a handful of other things. She also understand "we are going to Grandma's house" and "I'll be right back" and "say bye-bye".

I'm sure that "real" talking is just around the corner and I can't wait to hear her thoughts about.......everything! 8 )

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