Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Matching Jammies!

I'm sure that some day my kids will think that this is dorky, but I love putting them in matching clothes. And matching clothes that say "Big Sister" and "Little Sister" are even better! There were so many days and weeks after SleepingAngel died where we thought that perhaps this was God's way of telling us that we were not meant to have more children. So many days that we never thought that we'd be lucky enough to have a second child, much less a third. I am so thankful that we are fortunate enough to do this!

I went to Kohl's a few days ago and these jammies caught my eye:

Kohl's carries Carters pajamas up to size 12 or 14, and I was able to get these in TinyDancer's size (8) and EasternStar's size (3T).

I also found a "matching" sleeper in what I think will be RainbowBaby's size. The sleeper is white and has the same flowers as the pants. The collar and the sleeves have the purple and white polka dots on them. It is so cute!

I can't wait until my three girls can wear the matching "Big Sis" and "Little Sis" jammies!

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