Sunday, March 28, 2010

Preschool "Paperwork"

When the adoption paperwork chase was in full swing, TinyDancer often had to accompany me on errands to pick up this or that or to get this or that certified/apostilled/blessed by the pope. While we were running here, there, and everywhere to chase down what we needed, she expressed an interest in doing her own "paperwork". She was out of daycare aka "school" and missing the educational piece that she used to get there (we have always sent her to daycares that had a cirriculum - even in the infant rooms - so she is used to learning new things and very inquisitive) and I had planned on getting her some workbooks to work on anyway.

So, we went to a teacher supply store and bought her a few workbooks and had a daily "school" session at home where we worked on letters, numbers, drawing lines, etc. When we had to run errands, I'd copy worksheets for her and she'd work on them while we were waiting for our paperwork.

Even though the paperchase is over, she still enjoys doing her "paperwork" and we use it to keep her occupied when EasternStar has therapy or I have to go to the doctor or any other random times when we have to do something that will be boring for her. I think that it's awesome that she asks to do it!

The preschool books have gotten too easy for her so I found some critical thinking books and begining phonics books and some maze books. The mazes have been a huge hit! I love watching her try to figure out how to do the maze right the first time! I can see some of my problem solving skills in her as she works.

I just got a big stack of paperwork ready for her for tomorrow as EasternStar has her 6 month post-adoption checkup in the morning. I'm chuckling to myself because the critical thinking book that I bought - for preschoolers - had an answer key in the back. hee hee hee Seriously!


LowerTeakwood said...

The indergarten Scholar is a great workbook. Lots of thinking skills. I use it in my class for my higher kids.

Heather said...

I hope the check up went well and that the paperwork kept her occupied! :)