Saturday, March 27, 2010

RainbowBaby pictures

Yesterday RainbowBaby had her last ultrasound. I think that she is ready! We are both to the point where we are making each other uncomfortable, so at least we are even! 8 ) Her measurements are right on track for where she is and her weight is estimated at 6 lbs 8 oz - give or take a pound either way (so she could be between 5lbs 8 oz or 7 lbs 8 oz) and she is expected to gain about 0.5 lbs a week. Only 3 weeks to go!!!!

Today Stranger and I went through the disaster that was her room and picked up all of our preemie clothes. Our other two babies have been in preemie clothes for a few weeks, but I don't think we'll need them for RainbowBaby! She will be our first healthy, full term baby and I expect that she'll go right into either newborn or 0-3 month clothes.

Here are some of the ultrasound photos:


LowerTeakwood said...

Can't wait to meet her!

jenicini said...

So beautiful and exciting!