Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A taste of home

Another day down here!

We met another family that also adopted a little girl from Tymen. We actually met them in Tyumen, but we weren't able to meet up until today. Their daughter is 4 days older than EasternStar and their daughter looks exactly like her dad! It is amazing that the MOE there took such care to match up the girls with families that looked like them - and even match their personalities to their families!

The six of us walked down to Red Square today. We were all hungry when we arrived so we had lunch at the S'barro off of Alexander's Garden. EasternStar ate her weight in meatballs from the buffet. It was nice to see her eat something that wasn't carbs or yogurt! 8 )

After lunch, the girls decided that they had had enough, so we had to head back to the hotel for naps. We are probably the only people that walk to Red Square and don't actually *get* to see the square! 8 )

As we were leaving, we spotted an underground grocery store. We stopped in to get some more juice and we spotted these treasures:


Sliced cheese



Nacho chips

We excitedly went back to the hotel and after a nice long nap, we feasted on our salami and cheese sandwiches and chips and queso for dinner. Here is our makeshift double boiler to heat up our queso - coffee mugs filled with boiling water and the juice glasses from our hotel room:

Almost warm Queso

And what did EasternStar think of all of these shenanigans? She just laughed and laughed!

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