Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick update

Just a quick update. Last week we adjusted to the time change and we are all back on Eastern Standard time. Yay for that! This week we are starting to establish our routines and sleep schedules. Yay for naps and sleeping through the night!

EasternStar has been a real champ. Her sleep has been awesome - once she is asleep for the night she is out for 12 hours. We are still getting used to that! Her naps have ranged from 2 a day (am and pm) and one afternoon nap a day. We've basically been following her cues and she is moving towards just needing the afternooon nap. Her eating has been great too. She *loves* meat. She and Grandpa are going to get along great! She ate her first vegetable (broccoli) last night - so that is a big victory for us. I'm going to make some vegetable soup this week and see if that will tempt her. If not, we'll have to look into the sneaky chef recipes. 8 )

TinyDancer has been taking it all in pretty well. She is so excited to finally have a little sister to play with that she can be a bit much for EasternStar at times. A lot of times. 8 ) She is ready for someone to jump on the bed with and to jump and dance and act crazy with. I'm sure EasternStar will get there - she just has to figure out how to walk first!

I have some really cute pictures of the two of them. My mother-in-law sent them matching pjs and a matching outfit. And one of our neighbors gave them matching dresses. They look really cute! I just need to find our camera cable and have the time to transfer the pictures to the computer.

Stranger's paternity leave is up and he is back to work this week. We've only called him in tears once (ha ha). He is studying hard for the board exams coming up in October.


Nicole said...

Oh I have been waiting to hear from you! I am glad to hear that things are going as well as can be expected, maybe better!

Love you guys and am thinking of you constantly!


Kim said...

WELCOME HOME! I am so glad you are all adjusting well! Yipppeeee!