Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear french fry,

Dear french fry,

We just met, but I love you already!

We headed to McDonald's for breakfast today. Of course, by the time we got there, it was 10:05 and they were serving lunch. 8 ) EasternStar was introduced to the glory of the chicken nugget and the frency fry.

We're off to the US Embassy in a few minutes so that EasternStar can get her Visa. She will enter the US on a Russian passport and as soon as she touches US soil she will be a citizen. Yay!!

On a side note - we are totally out of apples and cinnamon oatmeal. A word of warning - if you hear screams of bloody murder from the east around 1:30 am ET tonight - don't worry - It is just EasternStar discovering that all we have left is regular oatmeal. We've been though so much as parents that there is little that I fear. I fear tomorrow morning! 8 ) We may need to send up some flares for backup support. Or skip the country early and be met at the airport with a bowl of hot and steamy apples and cinnamon oatmeal! 8 )


Nicole said...

Now I want some french fries!

Good luck today at the Embassy--hopefully it all goes off without incident.

Can't wait to talk to you when you get home!


LowerTeakwood said...

Hee hee it was the same with Jack with baby food bananas and oatmeal. We actually had to go on a hunt for regular bananas, which we mashed up with some form of milk. Jack took it, but wasn't that happy!

Heather said...

LOL!! Adorable pictures! I can tell she is going to fit right in with the crowd here!

(and don't can have any oatmeal we have in our house. All three kids have deemed it "yucky"! Though I think I have variety pack of flavored cream of wheat. Oh no!)

LOVE the picture of her laughing. :)

jenicini said...

Wow, I just found you tonight and had to read everything from this month. Your story is great. EasternStar is absolutely precious and I love your descriptions. Have a safe trip home.