Friday, September 4, 2009

Second Visit

First - Thank you to everyone for all of the sweet comments! We are so blessed!

Yesterday afternoon we spent about 2.5 hours with EasternStar. When we got there, she was in the groups playpen. As soon as she spotted us, she started crying, turned around, and started crawling away. At least she remembered us! 8 )

We picked her up and after a few minutes she was fine. We even got some smiles, giggles, AND I got some kisses!! So sweet!

We played inside for a while and then we went outside for a walk around the grounds. It was starting to get cool so we went back inside and we (I) fed her dinner and then it was time to go.

It will be fun to get her home today. I think we have another naked-loving dare devil on our hands. We changed her out of her shirt and into the clothes that we brought to try them on. As soon as her top was off she broke into a huge grin and giggled. And she has a very ticklish tummy! And she loves to sit in your lap and be tipped back. And she LOVED when the stroller hit big bumps on the grounds and she was jostled. I can't wait to see the trouble that she and our neighbor's daughter N are going to get into!

Pics coming as soon as we get back to the hotel this afternoon (the middle of the night at home)!

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Nicole said...

Can't wait to see pics of this little blessing!

Glad things seem to be moving smoothly--prayers continue for more safe and uneventful days!

love you both!