Thursday, June 18, 2009

The things we do for dreams.....

How much would you pay to make a dream come true?

How much would you pay to make your daughters dream of a "baby wearing a bathing suit that can get wet" come true?

Would you pay a whopping $51.10??? I did.......and here's why......

This morning at breakfast, I was reviewing our schedule for the day - get the car washed (and then it rained - I know you are laughing at me God!), go to Meijer, go to JcPenny, and then go to Kroger. As I review the list, TinyDancer pipes in with:
"One time, after my violin recital, Daddy and Granny and Paw Paw and I went to Meijer, and I saw a baby wearing a bathing suit. But I didn't get her. Maybe today when we go to Meijer I can get her. I've always wanted a baby wearing a bathing suit!"

To which I responded, "Maybe." Which to a four year old means " Yes!! Absolutely! Let's go right now!!"

So, we are at "Grandma's Meijer" - aka - the Meijer closest to Grandma's house - and we look on the doll aisle - and there is no baby. She is slightly disappointed, but thinks perhaps they will have the baby at JcPenny. To which I respond, "Maybe."

We get to JcPenny - which was closed at 9:20 in the morning. Ummm....hello!!! We have shopping to do!! So, we went to Kohl's which is virtually right next door. We got the shirts for Stranger and the shorts for TinyDancer that we needed. But no baby. "Maybe they will have it at Kroger?" "Maybe."

And we drove all the way home and went to Kroger for our groceries. But no baby. And now she is getting upset.

"Can we go to OUR meijer? I know they will have it here. I need her Mommy. I need her!!"

Seriously? It is starting to rain....and we need to get home and make lunch....and the milk is going to spoil....ok fine. It is only 10 minutes out of the way. And we are using your birthday money (which - how is it that we still have this - haven't you spent this already?).

So we go to our Meijer. And there is NO BABY! And now she is really upset. Eyes tearing....lip quivering....upset.

So, I say .... "Ok. Let's go look at the toy store. They might have a baby wearing a bathing suit. But if they don't then maybe there are no babies with bathing suits for sale right now."

Upon hearing this, she starts dancing and singing "Yay! The toy store! I KNOW that they will have a baby wearing a bathing suit at the toy store. The toy store has EVERYTHING that children want. EVERYTHING! There is NOTHING that they don't have that children want."

OMG! Seriously???? You are killing me here! Now, not only do I have to go to yet another store to look for this baby - but I have to buy it now - no matter how much it costs!!

There is only one thing that I have prayed so hard about (and we know how *that* turned out)! Please God! Let Toys R Us have a baby wearing a bathing suit. Please!!

So we enter the store ("See Mommy - they have everything that children want here!") and go the doll aisle. The first one - nothing......
The second one - nothing.....
Ok - "Let's look at the baby clothes. Maybe we can find a bathing suit by itself and we can take it home and put it on one of your babies at home.".....
The clothes - nothing.....
Oh God! Please God....she had so much disappointment in her tiny life. Please don't let her learn today that the toy store doesn't have everything that children want...... There is only one more aisle......
AND .....
Success!!!! For $36.99 you can buy a baby wearing a bathing suit that swims. Seriously??? 36.99!!!! This baby had better swim like Michael Phelps!!

So, how did we get to $51.10??

After we found the baby - I found and endcap with more babies and more baby clothes. Of course, after finding the $37 baby - there was no convincing her that we could get just the bathing suit and that was just as good. So somehow we ended up with a new baby AND a seperate bathing suit "for one of my other babies. They can swim together just like EasternStar and I will swim together when she comes home."

And I wonder.....does she know that she is hitting below the belt.....or is it accidental?? 8 )

Ahh..... the price of dreams!!!


Clarese said...

That is too funny.

Kim said...

Hahahahhaha! You are such a sweet mama!

And yes, I will let you know how the doc visits go in Moscow. :)