Monday, June 29, 2009

Team Mac and Cheese

On Sunday, Stranger and TinyDancer were hanging out in the basement before church. Here is an excerpt from their conversation:

"Daddy, do you want to join Team Mac and Cheese? I'm the teacher."
"Sure. What are we going to do?"
"We dance. Here, sign this."
... Stranger signs his name on a piece of paper
"Now you are signed up."
"What kind of dance are we going to do?"
"A macaroni dance."
"I don't know how macaroni dances."
"I'll show you. Trust me Daddy, soon, you will be dancing like pasta"
"Umm... ok." (tries to conceal laughter)
"How does pasta dance?"
"Lie down."
"Like this?"
"Yes. Put your feet in the air."
"Like this?"
"Now kick your feet."

I checked out the dancing macaroni.....and it was pretty funny. Too bad I forgot the camera!

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