Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dossier # 2 B = DONE!

Well, the paperchase continues.......

So on Thursday TinyDancer and I went downtown to get our documents certified and then we drove all the way to the capital and got them apostilled. (As a side thought - what is up with courthouses and hot dog stands? I thought that this was just a Law & Order made up on TV thing - but - it is true. Every courthouse and government building has a hot dog stand outside of it. Sometimes two. What gives?) We came home and I was making the copies and getting ready to FedEx our stuff. And the phone rings....

And it's Stranger......and this is a blurb from our conversation:
"Are you sitting down?"
"You won't believe this."
"Don't say it!"
"We got an email for J (our coordinator at our agency)."
"And it starts out 'I know you won't like this!'...."
So, our employment letters and our financial statements didn't match. I knew this. I asked about this. I did what I was told to do!

So, on Friday, TinyDancer spent the day with Grandma (I was not about to make her spend another day in the car) and Stranger (who had Friday afternoon off since he was on call on Thursday) and I drove back to the state capital to get the last few documents apostilled. And the FedEx man came today to take them on their way. (Another side note - When our agency first told us to set up our own FedEx account so that we could send documents and stuff, I thought it was dumb. Can't we just use the post office I thought? Now I see the light!! It is so nice to just put the documents in a folder on our porch and have the FedEx man come and take them away.)

Hopefully, now we are done........for a while anyways.

If not.....there will be some cursing.....and then some laughing.....and then we'll just do it (that's what she said!).


Kim said...

Geesh, busy few days! Thank goodness you got it all straightened out. I am now off to make sure our letters match. LOL! :)

Clarese said...

It sounds like you were able to fix the problem fast - that is great! Can I ask what you mean when you say that they didn't match?

LowerTeakwood said...

Congrats..again??? and hopefully you are really done (that's what she said) hee hee. Shan