Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The wheels keep turning

Feburary has brought more snow. Yay! Maybe we can finally realize our dream of sledding down a *really* big hill! TinyDancer and I are both disappointed to be at school and work today, but today is our "Friday" and we'll be home tomorrow.

Our dossier is still in work. I received notice from our agency yesterday that we have a few documents that need to be fixed. Why did I send them in to be reviewed before spending a bazillion dollars and time to be certified and apostilled if the review wasn't going to catch the errors??? I'm not running downtown and then driving to the state capital again so we'll just snail mail these.

Stranger's moved to the NICU of sorts at his hospital. It's been tough for him because, well, we thought that SleepingAngel was going to be a resident of the NICU but then she never made it there. I'm sure that is also fun to be surrounded by tiny babies all day while you yourself are unable to have one. Tiny babies whose parents often don't bother to visit them. And he has the same attending right now that he had when we found out that SleepingAngel's chances weren't that good and they did a lot of talking about options. Its bringing up lots of fun memories for him. He's even had a set of parents that chose to decline heroic interventions that would only slow down the dying process for their infant daughter and instead, take her home under hospice care. It's nice to know that we aren't the only ones that have decided to stand back and watch our child die, but jeez! Hasn't he suffered enough? Haven't we suffered enough? Please keep him in your thoughts and pray that Feb. 26th comes quickly!

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LowerTeakwood said...

Sorry for all the challenges lately. Tell Sam to hang in there. You all are in our prayers. Shan