Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beach Party!

TinyDancer turned 4 this week and we had her party over the weekend. This year, she wanted to have a Beach Party and go swimming. In February. Yeah, I know! So, we did our best to transform our house into a Beach. Here is what it looked like outside:

Just a light dusting of snow.

Here is the temperature outside vs. inside. This was taken a few hours before the party. I think the house got warmer than 64 before the party started. Our indoor daytime temp is usually 62 or 63. We cranked up the heat to 68 for the party though! And we had some space heaters for the basement and pool area.

Here is the cake that TinyDancer helped me make (no fires this time!). TinyDancer did the mixing of the batter and helped dye the icing. She directed what colors the bathing suit should be and I did the piping.

Something for the moms:

The living room - aka - Beach Ball Heaven!!! 25 beach balls and a handful of balloons.

The basement - aka - the Party Room:

Notice that the rocking horse is wearing a tube. 8 ) That cracks me up!

And last, but not least, the pool!

For dinner, Stranger grilled turkey burgers (Yummy!), hot dogs (for the kids) and andouille sausage. The kids had a good time splashing in the pool and we had an indestructable pinata that was fun to hit over and over and over again.

It was a LOT of work to do the party - we moved some toys out of the basement to make room for the pinata and Stranger and his dad moved our entire laundry room around to make room for the pool - but SO worth it to A) see the sheer joy on her face when she jumped in the pool in the basement and was splashing around with her friends and B) when later that night after the party, she exclaimed "I had so much fun at my party! Thank you!". All on her own!

It was fun, but I sure hope that she picks something a little bit easier for next year!

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Nicole said...

So much fun! Great job on bringing the beach to February. Who says you can't have a pool party in the dead of winter.

Here's to being 4 again when anything was possible!