Friday, February 13, 2009

We have a region assignment!

I've been trying to post this since Tuesday, but this week has been crazy at our house!

On Tuesday night, I checked my email and learned that our dossier is going to be registered in the Tyumen region in Russia! We were very excited and a little stressed. We had three pieces of paper that we needed to get signed, notarized, certified and apostilled and to the agency in Georgia by Friday morning. Thank God Stranger and I work at the same place and that he wasn't on call on Wednesday!

Two of the papers I had just fedex'ed to the Secretary of State office at the capital with instructions to apostille it and then send them on to our agency in Medina, Ohio. So, on Wednesday afternoon, Stranger left work early (unheard of!!) and ran downtown to get it certified and then drove to the capital to get it apostilled. He was able to intercept the two documents that I had mailed the day before (Yay!) so we were able to get everything overnighed to Georgia.

On Friday, all of our stuff is being sent to Russia for translation. And then we wait. And wait. And wait.

Tyumen is a huge region (but only like 9% of Russia's total land aread)- and the region runs from the top of Russia to the bottom of Russia. So, the top is arctic-like and then the region progressively gets warmer as you go South. It'll be fun to pack for our trip!

So, we don't know *when* we are going, but at least we know *where* we are going.

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LowerTeakwood said...

OMG that is so exciting!!!! Yay, time to celebrate! Any clues on the time table. The wait is kind of hard, but not as bad as the wait to have something move (anything move)! I'm so HAPPY for you. Your baby is waiting! Shan