Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Woo Hoo!!

Congratulations to Stranger! In July, he will be starting his fellowship here! Yippee! Fellowship will entail three more years of a similar life to what we have now - crazy hours and low pay, but at least now he will be doing what the LOVES so that makes it worth it! ....Sometimes.... 8 ) That being said, I am now changing my name from "The Mom" to "The Mistress". (We joke that he's been forced to be married to his job and TinyDancer and I are his mistresses.)

I just don't know what to think of this! Is the black cloud that has been following us lifting? Is our luck changing? Good things that have happened to us lately:
- Stranger got his fellowship at our first choice location
- Stranger got off with a written warning instead of a speeding ticket as we were shopping early in the morning on Black Friday
- I was approved to work three days a week every week so we just might be able to afford our adoption and my boot camp classes!
- Houdini and RedTrouble got out of the fence in the back yard and did not evade being recaptured.

Perhaps our luck is changing! 8 )

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Heather said...

You mean Stranger's car actually goes fast enough to get a ticket??

Congrats guys!!!!

-The Neighbor