Thursday, December 11, 2008

We have a home study!!!! And I think that it is actually correct!!!

I am *beside* myself right now! When TinyDancer and I returned from the museum this morning we had a present waiting for us by the front door. It was our home study!!! And it was for the RIGHT COUNTRY and for the RIGHT NUMBER OF CHILDREN *and*, the RIGHT GENDER! We paid for our agency to overnight it to us yesterday so I knew that we would be getting it today, but I didn't expect it until later this afternoon. Of course, since I am the reigning queen of organization, I had already prepared all of the INS paperwork and the FedEx envelope, so I pulled one copy of the home study out of our envelope and promply put it in the envelope addressed to INS. The envelope is on our porch right now, waiting to be picked up. It is killing me that it has to be mailed since I probably drove right by the INS office this morning when I went to get a copy of our marriage license, but the application has to be received by mail. At least we have *finally* finished step 1 and we can move on to steps 2 and 3 - which are done concurrently.