Monday, November 15, 2010

SleepingAngel's Birthday

I took a little unplanned vacation from blogging. Good thing this is just a hobby and not my real gig! Over the next few days I hope to catch up. There are some pics of EasternStar's party and Halloween that I hope to post soon.

Here are some pictures from SleepingAngel's birthday back in October. We try to celebrate the day and the special time that we got with her.

We started out by getting bagels from our favorite bagel store and then heading to her special park to leave balloons and flowers at her special spot.

Flowers and balloons

We always get enough flowers to bring some home that way we can enjoy her special birthday flowers too.

Stranger with our flowers to bring home

The girls have also decided that they need matching flowers to bring home. They've asked for bud vases to put on their dressers for their flowers. Of course by they, I really mean TinyDancer. She does a lot of talking for EasternStar. 8 )

EasternStar with her roses to come home

TinyDancer with her roses

We usually bring a cupcake to leave on her stone. This year the cupcakes weren't ready in time so we got special chocolate chip cookies instead. We left her half of one "since she's a baby".
Birthday cookie

Our hospice program gave us a lot of suggestions on how to 'celebrate' the day. One that we really liked was to have a balloon launch and send balloons to Heaven with messages attached. We didn't do messages this year, but we had a lot of balloons!

Even RainbowBaby picked out a balloon

There they go......

Almost gone!

Cupcakes decorated by TinyDancer and EasternStar
We made it through the day and what we think of as SleepingAngel's "special time" - the two weeks that we got to spend with her at home. I guess that we are getting through it better each year. The first year I made no plans during her time. It was too hard. The next year got a little better. This year, a little better. That two weeks is still a touchy time for us. The emotions run closer to the surface. If only we could escape the real world for a few days.

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